Costa Rica is a small country, known as the “Little Switzerland” in the back garden of the Americas, with green mountains and clear waters, and an animal paradise! So how to solve the traffic between cities? 👇

▶️Public bus🚌: The most economical way, but the journey time is long and the frequency is fixed;

▶️Rent a car🚗: You need to hold a valid driver’s license (US driver’s license can drive in Costa Rica), drive for 3 years or more, and pay attention to rental age requirements: 25 years old or above (21 to 25 years old can drive, but you need to pay a daily fee Adult fee, the specific fee depends on the requirements of the car rental company)

Advantages: Relative economy + flexibility and freedom

The following car models are available for rental:

▶️Chartered car🚐: The models can be divided into the following types according to the number of tourists

5 seats (recommended to travel within 3 people)

7-seater car (recommended to travel within 5 people)

9-seater car (recommended to travel within 7 people)

14-seater car (recommended to travel within 10 people)

28-seater car (recommended to travel within 23 people)

Advantages: Comfortable and safe, the driver has rich driving experience and is very familiar with local road conditions, and the airport pick-up is a sign-up pick-up

❤️Warm reminder of the length of the chartered journey between cities (non-traffic congestion)

1️⃣San jose airport – La Fortuna 3 hours

2️⃣San jose airport – Manuel Antonio beach 3 hours

3️⃣La Fortuna – Manuel Antonio beach for 5 hours (it is recommended to stop at Jaco beach for a walk + lunch in the middle of this day’s itinerary)

4️⃣La Fortuna – Tamarindo beach 4 hours

5️⃣La Fortuna – Liberia beach 3.5 hours

6️⃣La Fortuna – Monteverde 3 hours

7️⃣Monteverde – San jose airport 3 hours

8️⃣San jose – Limón Carribbean beach 4-5 hours

If you want to know more about transportation information in Costa Rica, or if you need to book a service, please feel free to instagram me (Freedom_Freda)